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For My Mind

Yes, I’m Listening Recently, my hair stylist very gently pointed out that Betty was floundering. I hadn’t been posting, hadn’t been cooking, hadn’t been exercising. And she very subtly noted that this sort of thing wasn’t sustainable, not for my body and especially not for my mind. Huh. Interesting. My mind, it seems, is a […] Read More

First Day of School

Let’s Pretend Everything is Normal Oh, hello there, Internet. Nice to see you again. You still stop by in spite of the fact that I haven’t been writing? I am truly impressed. Well, we’re still in the hotel, and our ETA for moving back home is… hahahaha, you really thought we had an estimate? You’re […] Read More

Hotel Living

Making the Most of the Hotel I guess you can tell by the title of this post that we’re still not back in the house. Yep, six weeks out from the fireĀ and I still don’t have any estimate as to when we’ll actually be able to move back home. So for now, I’m trying to […] Read More


We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Hi everyone, I wanted to send a sincere apology for not posting anything of late. About three weeks ago, we had a fire at our house. Everyone is fine, and the damage could have been so much worse, but it is completely disruptive. We’re living from hotels. I have […] Read More

Letter to Myself at 21

What We’ve Learned Over 21 Years People ask, “If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be?” I figure that you’re old enough now to hear what I have to say. Ready? Here we go…. When they take you to lunch in Chinatown today to celebrate your birthday, don’t […] Read More

Let’s Ride

Bike Training This was the first week where I buckled down, blocked off time on the calendar, and hit the road to do my bike training. It’s… uh… it’s harder than it looks. On Tuesday, I set out as the storm front rolled through the area. I was ahead of the rain, but managed to […] Read More

The Back of the Pack

How I’ve Embraced Being Slow A few months ago, while chatting on the Strava board for the Another Mother Runner 10k challenge, I made this comment to another runner, lamenting her pace: “While I may be in the back of the pack, I’m never there alone.” It took me a long time to really accept […] Read More

On the Road: Charity Ride

I’m just going to leave this right here for now. No, I don’t know what I’m doing. Nor do I yet know what I don’t know about doing a charity bike ride. I have until October to figure it out. More to come in future posts. Read More

Sprains and Other Tales

I Pretend Not to Have Sprained My Foot It was an ordinary week. Baseball, work… the usual. On Thursday at baseball practice I was trotting across the grass, hit an uneven spot and twisted my ankle. It didn’t hurt anything more than my pride and I went on with my day. On Friday morning, there […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Marginally Less Crazy

Just Keep Moving Well, I followed my own advice and kept last week marginally less crazy. Only marginally. Even though I did a pretty good job of keeping my own stuff under control (aside from being sick for a few days), it seemed like lots of stuff went crazy around me. We had rain on […] Read More