The Back of the Pack

How I’ve Embraced Being Slow


How do I log my miles? Mostly on my own, but sometimes I’ll use the old bike trailer to deliver The Assistant’s bike to him, and we ride together after school.

A few months ago, while chatting on the Strava board for the Another Mother Runner 10k challenge, I made this comment to another runner, lamenting her pace:

“While I may be in the back of the pack, I’m never there alone.”

It took me a long time to really accept it. When I’m on my own, I always feel like the slowest person — running or cycling — on the planet.

I’m convinced that the sag wagon will come to drag my lumbering butt off the course.

I’m convinced that they’ll be packing up the finish line when I get there.

I’m convinced that they will run out of support supplies long before I arrive.

And then I get there, and I’m deep in the throngs of runners. I’m not alone. I’m not even close to being alone. There are people stretching behind me for as far as the eye can see, and they’re not alone, either.

And this is why I’ve finally taken the leap and joined Tour de Cure, a 50-mile cycling event for the American Diabetes Association, at the request of a friend who has been recently diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic. At my riding pace, I feared that I would be the last rider, picked up by the sag wagon… well, you get the idea. But I decided to take the plunge not only because it’s important to my friend, but because it’s important to me to remember that I can take on new things without fear.

I’m (almost) positive that I won’t be there alone.

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