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The Road Trip

Working From the Road For years I’ve said the same thing: “I can work from anywhere. Let’s take a road trip.” Except another year passes and here I sit, doing the same thing in the same place. I mean, let’s face it: my husband can’t just up and leave the office for a while, and he […] Read More

Unexpected Compliment

Say Something Nice I got the most unexpected and lovely compliment last week. Every Wednesday morning, The Assistant’s school has a late start to accommodate weekly teacher meetings. This is great for us. We sleep in a bit, take our time getting ready, and then go out for breakfast. We have a local brunch place that’s […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo The End of School

The Rules Go Out the Window I have a school clothing rule: no logos or characters on shirts, and no basketball shorts. I don’t see any reason for elementary school kids to be walking billboards for brands, or for them to look like they just rolled out of the gym. Once Memorial Day hits, all […] Read More

Unexpected: Baseball Coach Edition

Coaching = Parenting x 12 This is my fourth year as a baseball coach for my son’s team, which means that this is my fourth year of marveling at the things that have to come out of my mouth as the resident authority figure. I try very hard to not let them see that what I really want […] Read More

On the Move

Tales of a Fitbit Obsessive Everyone in our family has a Fitbit. The Assistant enjoys the fact that school recesses and P.E. classes always kept him at the top of the family leaderboard. The Husband’s coworkers decided to implement a Workweek Challenge. That’s where you compete against a select crew of invitees for 5-day totals. […] Read More

A Little Less Well

In Which I Contemplate Working Less Oh hey, hi! Didn’t see you there, internet friend. See, I’ve been busy. I hate saying that I’m busy. It’s such a cliche. “Oh, I’m so much busier than you are, therefore I must be more important.” Gag. But it’s the kind of busy that’s been going on for […] Read More

Tales from the Infirmary

Don’t Underestimate That Virus There won’t be a recipe this week. We haven’t exactly been cooking around here. It all started last Friday night. The Husband was out of the country on business, and The Assistant and I had gone out for dinner. After I put him to bed, I noticed that I had a […] Read More

Halloween Candy

Eat All the Candy You Want If I’ve heard it once at school drop off or pickup, I’ve heard it a dozen times: a mother saying, “OMG, I’ve totally gained five pounds since Halloween thanks to all of the kids’ candy.” Let’s do a little fact recap, shall we? Number of extra calories needed to […] Read More

“I Love My Kids, But…”

First let me apologize for being woefully behind on posting. This summer has kicked my butt, work-wise, and then the past three weekends involved a family getaway, a visit from my father and another trip to Seattle for the annual women’s fitness retreat that I attend each year. There’s been a distinct lack of time […] Read More


All By Myself I had a very surreal experience last week. The Husband and The Assistant went back east to visit family and I was totally and completely on my own for seven whole days. Those without kids are reading this, shrugging and not understanding the significance. Those with kids are shouting Oh my god […] Read More