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photo of focaccia breadWhat I’ve Been Cooking

Some New Recipes I’ll bet you think that I haven’t been cooking much, what with not ever posting anything to this blog. You’d be wrong! I’m still cooking five or six days a week, albeit less interesting stuff than I used to. This has been my busiest year ever, work-wise, and I don’t have much time […] Read More

Blackberry Port Jam

Market Berries I feel like all I need to do here is post the photo of the jam. Say it with me: blackberry port jam. Mmm. I went to the market today, and instead of buying my usual three-pack of berries (raspberry/strawberry/blackberry), I decided that I would just buy a single pack of raspberries. But […] Read More

Homemade Chinese Food

Potstickers and Noodles Many of The Assistant’s friends at school are Chinese, and he’s been suffering from a bad case of Lunchtime Potsticker Envy. At least twice a week, he begs me to make potstickers so he can take them to school for lunch. Today, on a rainy spring break day, we decided to make […] Read More

Pinwheel Appetizers

Created By The Assistant Last Sunday, we went hiking. During our excursion, The Assistant talked endlessly about his holiday plan: Experimental meals. And for his plan, he wanted to make pinwheel appetizers. His plan featured prosciutto, salami, manchego cheese and some sort of bread product to bake it in. At my suggestion, he decided to go […] Read More

Hello Fresh

What’s for Dinner? Hello Fresh I think we’ve probably established that the thing I hate most about cooking (aside from cleanup) is meal planning. I’m tired of being creative, tired of making decisions on everyone’s behalf. So at a friend’s suggestion, I signed up with a new meal program that she had been using: Hello […] Read More

Two Pounds of Bok Choy

Seriously, What Do You Do With Two Pounds of Bok Choy? Before the holidays, I signed up for a weekly farmer’s market box from Farm Fresh to You. And it’s great. Each week you customize your box from the seasonally available selections and it appears on your front step before you leave for work in […] Read More

Many Recipes

Lots of Recipes with Little Success When we were in Arizona, it was my quest to find the Anasazi beans that I really like. I had zero success, but I did find several other heirloom varieties that I wanted to try. Not black, pinto or kidney beans. Different. Unique. I’m probably the only person who goes […] Read More

Happy New Year!

No Resolutions Hi everyone! Happy new year! I know it’s been a while. Well, for you, anyway. As for me, I’ve composed dozens of very insightful, thought-provoking blog posts over the past few months. Unfortunately, they’ve only existed in my head, and somehow vanish into thin air any time I attempt to sit in front of […] Read More

First Day of School

Let’s Pretend Everything is Normal Oh, hello there, Internet. Nice to see you again. You still stop by in spite of the fact that I haven’t been writing? I am truly impressed. Well, we’re still in the hotel, and our ETA for moving back home is… hahahaha, you really thought we had an estimate? You’re […] Read More

Polenta with Rustic Sausage Sauce

How to Clean Out the Fridge I’ve been a terrible cooking slacker throughout baseball season. There were many uninspired slow cooker meals, and also a whole lot of reliance on Blue Apron and Gobble (I promise to write about Gobble soon; it’s like Blue Apron’s simpler cousin). But school is out, and I’ve once again returned […] Read More