Pinwheel Appetizers

Created By The Assistant

Last Sunday, we went hiking. During our excursion, The Assistant talked endlessly about his holiday plan: Experimental meals. And for his plan, he wanted to make pinwheel appetizers.

His plan featured prosciutto, salami, manchego cheese and some sort of bread product to bake it in. At my suggestion, he decided to go with puff pastry. Here’s a photo essay of the process. The box instructions are there for if you’d like to do a meatless variety.

First, you let the puff pastry defrost to room temperature, 40 minutes or less, depending on the temperature of your kitchen. Lightly flour a clean surface. Place the dough down on the floured surface and roll the dough lightly to smooth the seams.

Following the box instructions, we brushed the dough with an egg wash: 1 egg and 1 Tbsp water, beaten.



Then The Assistant covered the surface of the pastry with his carefully sliced manchego cheese.


And on top of that: half prosciutto, half salami.



I took the liberty of tightly rolling the dough on his behalf, jelly roll-style, into a meat-cheese-dough log. We then cut them into 20 slices and placed them on cookie sheets covered with silicone baking mats. And then we brushed again with the egg wash.


Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees F. Cool for 2-3 minutes and serve warm with a decorative accompaniment of halved tomatoes and Asian pears.


Voilà! Pinwheel appetizers. I wouldn’t mind if he cooked for me every day, to be honest!

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