Miles of East Bay Hiking

We’ve been hiking every Sunday, a family adventure that gets a little more difficult with each passing week. Each hike is roughly in the range of 5 to 7 miles long, with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet or more. This is challenging enough without doing it back-to-back after my Saturday training runs, which have now hit the 10 mile mark in anticipation of the race in four weeks.

But the scenery… geez, California, you can be so lovely when you’re green. It’s been so long that I’d nearly forgotten that otherworldly color that contrasts with the perfect blue sky.

The last two weeks have featured hikes in the Sunol Regional Wilderness, part of the fabulous East Bay Regional Park District. If you’re local, I highly recommend joining the foundation and getting your annual park pass.

I have to say, the hiking has been so nice that it’s been making me second guess my running. More on that in another post, I suppose, but I like that hiking gives me the same opportunity to be outdoors without the pressure of pace. Do we want to stop and sit on a bench to watch the world? No problem. Do we want to stop and take pictures? No problem. It’s just a different world with zero pressure and I like it that way. But for now, since I’m committed to races through 2016, I’ll do both for as long as my legs will cooperate.

Here are some scenes from our hiking adventures.


Stark branches against the blue sky.


A beautiful vista.


The lone tree.


Between this and Saturday’s hilly run, is it any wonder why my calves ache on Mondays?


The arrow says that the peaks are thattaway.


Looking up at Maguire Peak.


Pretty tree-lined path, traveled by more cows than people.


The boys in a eucalyptus grove.

If you’re local, what’s your favorite trail? If you’re far away, tell me about your favorite hikes.

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