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Favorite Crochet Patterns and Resources

My One-Stop Crochet Center I’ve decided to compile my favorite crochet patterns and resources in one easy-to-find post. Now when I try to find these patterns and resources later, they’ll be waiting for me. Crochet Patterns The Romantic Lacy Shawl from Red Heart Yarn (seen on the right) has been a favorite for years. The pattern […] Read More

Cracking Crochet Code

Betty Knew Code Did you know that there’s a crochet code? It’s been hiding in plain view. The more time I spend in the world of crochet, the more I realize that crochet patterns have many similarities to code. As with any programming language, you first need to know the terminology. What’s a sc? How […] Read More

Let’s Talk Crochet

Yarn Has Overtaken My Life I’ve abandoned you for crochet. I feel bad about it — really, I do — but the problem is that I have a hook and yarn in my hands during all of my free time, so I haven’t even made the effort to tell you about it. Crochet is magic. You […] Read More