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Comfortable Shoes

My closet was a graveyard for ill-fitting shoes. I’ve always been hard to fit. My feet were always long and skinny — shoes needed to be at least a size 10 and as narrow as you can make them. Then I broke my foot in 2010. Even though the break healed well, my right foot no longer tolerated the […] Read More

So I’ve Abandoned Facebook

Enjoying My Unplanned Absence I’ve been on Facebook since the early days, and I’ve always sort of sneered at people who make the big proclamation that they’ve abandoned Facebook, only to see them return a few weeks later. I’ve read the articles about how it puts unrealistic expectations on people to show only their perfect […] Read More

Lessons Learned Through Travel

The Home Stretch I’ve always said that the lessons learned through travel are different from the ones you learn at home. As we enter the home stretch on our epic East Coast tour, I thought I’d share a few. Let it go. When you travel, you’re at the mercy of others. Flight delayed? Let it […] Read More

The Road Trip

Working From the Road For years I’ve said the same thing: “I can work from anywhere. Let’s take a road trip.” Except another year passes and here I sit, doing the same thing in the same place. I mean, let’s face it: my husband can’t just up and leave the office for a while, and he […] Read More

Unexpected Compliment

Say Something Nice I got the most unexpected and lovely compliment last week. Every Wednesday morning, The Assistant’s school has a late start to accommodate weekly teacher meetings. This is great for us. We sleep in a bit, take our time getting ready, and then go out for breakfast. We have a local brunch place that’s […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo The End of School

The Rules Go Out the Window I have a school clothing rule: no logos or characters on shirts, and no basketball shorts. I don’t see any reason for elementary school kids to be walking billboards for brands, or for them to look like they just rolled out of the gym. Once Memorial Day hits, all […] Read More

Books I’ve Been Reading

An Array of Reading Material I have to confess that I read nothing for months. When we were living in the hotel, I simply didn’t have the attention span to actually sit down and read something start to finish. But starting at the end of last year, I finally got my groove back. A good book […] Read More

Hello Fresh

What’s for Dinner? Hello Fresh I think we’ve probably established that the thing I hate most about cooking (aside from cleanup) is meal planning. I’m tired of being creative, tired of making decisions on everyone’s behalf. So at a friend’s suggestion, I signed up with a new meal program that she had been using: Hello […] Read More

Personal Style

Subtle or Bold? Figuring Out My Style With everything that’s happened in the past year, I feel like I’ve aged a decade in a matter of months. In the past, my freckles and pale skin kept me looking younger than my age. Not anymore. My skin looks dull. My hair is grayer than ever. Everything […] Read More


Do You Believe? The Assistant surprised me in the car today. Out of the blue he blurts, “I want you to tell me if Santa is real, ok?” My mom brain immediately reeled with crapcrapcrapcraphowdoIanswerthis? And also wow, I expected this much sooner than fourth grade. I mean, I was in second grade when Danny Mortimer […] Read More