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For years I’ve said the same thing: “I can work from anywhere. Let’s take a road trip.” Except another year passes and here I sit, doing the same thing in the same place. I mean, let’s face it: my husband can’t just up and leave the office for a while, and he and The Assistant don’t really want to be parted for an extended trip.

But this year… this year, we’ve lined up a house sitter and we’re going for it. And I’m completely giddy about it.

The Husband has a multi-week business trip to Europe, and we considered tagging along. We also considered Hawaii, Alaska, Vancouver, Costa Rica, ballpark tours of Texas and/or the Midwest, and The Assistant’s request that I check prices on flights to Madagascar ($13,400 for two tickets from SFO, in case you’re wondering).

But in the end, we decided to tour the East Coast so we could see friends and he could visit grandparents and the cousins. We’ll prep him for his 5th grade focus on the Revolutionary War with historical interest stops along the way. And we’ll also be checking another ballpark off his list when we get to Boston.

Have Hyatt Diamond membership, will travel.

Have Hyatt Diamond membership, will travel.

When I tell people that we’re doing a long road trip, they tend to recoil. This is usually followed by a complete change in demeanor and “Oh, but I can totally see it with The Assistant. He’s such a good traveler.” Indeed he is, and he’s thrilled to be going.

He’s extremely loyal to Hyatt properties, so he’s ensured that we’re staying at Hyatt hotels whenever and wherever possible. Let’s put my Diamond status of the Hyatt Gold Passport to use, shall we?

I’ve already scheduled meetings with three clients in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City, and scaled my workload to a manageable level for while we’re on the road.

We’ll eat all the fatty, carb-laden, delicious East Coast foods, sightsee, and have a wonderful time.

We leave on June 14. You can follow our adventures on Instagram, or here when I have time to post.

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