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When Restless, Go Hiking and Biking


Ride, Assistant, ride!

Now that we’ve had a break in El Niño, The Assistant has voiced his restlessness. “We used to do so much stuff,” he said. “But ever since the hotel, it’s all been house, house, house.” So given any opportunity whatsoever, he votes for hiking and biking.

Case in point: last Monday. It was one of those weird why-do-we-have-a-holiday days where we (I, by default) have the day off. I asked him what he wanted to do on this gorgeous, 70-degree and sunny day. Beach? Tech Museum? Cal Academy?

Nope. He voted for a bike ride to the next town over for a pizza lunch, on bikes that were covered in dust. I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t used his since before the fire. He was absolutely giddy to be back on it.

So now I guess it makes sense that he wanted to go 16 miles roundtrip for a slice of pizza and a salad.

Did I mention that this was on the heels of a hilly 5-mile hike the day before?


Quarry lake, sparkling in the sun.

It was the perfect day for it, with the light reflecting off the quarry lake. You’d never know that the picture was taken in an area next to a cement factory.

But I have to admit that the ride wasn’t easy, even for me, especially on tired legs from Sunday. He didn’t complain, though. “It’s just so nice to be outside doing something.”

I hear you, kiddo.

It’s been really nice to get out of the house, forgetting about all of the house-related crap that needs to be tackled. No, I really don’t want to spend a beautiful day unpacking boxes, thanks. They’ve sat there this long, they can wait a little longer.

Here are some shots from the Sunday hike at Sunol Regional Wilderness, part of the East Bay Regional Park District (we are big fans and members). The pictures don’t properly convey how high up we climbed (about 1,350 feet), but it was a great place to hide from Big Game Hoopla, in spite of the aircraft flying overhead. (I’m looking at you, Doritos skywriters.)


Looking uphill.


Hiking zen.


Looking downhill from the peak.

Have you gone anyplace interesting lately?

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