Tales from the Infirmary

Don’t Underestimate That Virus


There won’t be a recipe this week. We haven’t exactly been cooking around here.

It all started last Friday night. The Husband was out of the country on business, and The Assistant and I had gone out for dinner. After I put him to bed, I noticed that I had a little bit of a sore throat. That little twinge got worse and worse through the night, and when I woke on Saturday morning, I was so miserable that I actually, willingly drank hot tea. (I don’t like hot beverages. At all.) But I managed to maintain my level of denial through all of Saturday because it was a four-day weekend, and we had plans to go out of town on Sunday afternoon after he had finished with his soccer game.

By Sunday, things had devolved to the “nasal waterfall” stage. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch. NyQuil was my friend. So much for going out of town.

Monday was even worse. We were housebound and I was wasting precious not-a-holiday-for-anyone-but-schools days off while I sat on the couch amid a pile of tissues.

But by Tuesday afternoon, I thought I was turning a corner. Just in time for the weekend to be completely ruined while we returned to school and work on Wednesday!

And then it got The Assistant.

You know it’s bad when an 8-year-old boy willingly puts himself to bed at 6:20 PM.

Since then, his fever has come and gone, preventing him from going back to school. I’m sure that the school believes that he’s actually ill and not just extending his long weekend on a beach somewhere. (Yeah, right. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this.) The doctor says that the fever is no big deal, and this is what viruses do. This isn’t a satisfactory answer when you’re a parent and you just want some magical fairy dust to sprinkle on the kid to make the ick go away. Weirdly enough, with the exception of the shivers during the fever phases, he’s actually felt fine: perky and uncomplaining, just tired.

As of this writing, I’m hoping that we’re through the worst of it. If things stay on this path, he might actually be able to go back to school on Friday morning. After six days cooped up in the house with me, I’m pretty sure that he’ll be the first kid in the history of the world who tries to manipulate the thermometer to make himself seem healthier than he actually is.

Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be back to normal today!

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