First Day of School

Let’s Pretend Everything is Normal

first-dayOh, hello there, Internet. Nice to see you again. You still stop by in spite of the fact that I haven’t been writing? I am truly impressed.

Well, we’re still in the hotel, and our ETA for moving back home is… hahahaha, you really thought we had an estimate? You’re so funny.

School has started for The Assistant. As you can see, he took great delight in his first day of school photo in front of our “house.” Poor kid has to do his homework in the breakfast area of the lobby, complete with passers-by and CNN blaring from the television. (They will mute it for me, but they don’t ever turn it off. Alas, Donald Trump watches our every move.)

I’d report on my cooking and workouts, but hahahahaha, my fitness routine is nonexistent and my cooking mostly involves pasta or processed foods because I have no basic ingredients or spices in my meager hotel pantry. Plus, the ventilation in the kitchen is poor, so whatever I cook at 6:00 still smells very powerfully in the shared room when The Assistant tries to go to bed at 8:00.

I have, however, made what is now known as Hyatt Chicken (a kind of lame cordon bleu). All meals are served with raw veggies and fresh fruit because they are very, very easy.



And earlier this week I decided to run back and forth from our 2nd floor room to the communal grill. My pork chop looked very impressive.



It tasted less so, but cut me some slack. I’m cooking in a hotel, for goodness sake.

And so we wait. And wait. And try our damnedest to pretend that everything is normal.

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