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My Worst Race Ever

Watch Your Speed Saturday’s Livermore Half Marathon was, without a shadow of a doubt, my worst race ever. This is through no fault of the lovely people who host the race, and more of a commentary on my inability to stick to a reasonable pace. I always start out a little too fast. I get […] Read More

Three Weeks Until Race Day

Looking For My Motivation Today I went out for a solo run:10.7 miles in intermittent rain, the last long run before taper for race day. I figured that at my pace, this distance would be enough time for me to find the motivation that I have sorely lacked lately. It wasn’t. It makes no sense. I’m […] Read More


Miles of East Bay Hiking We’ve been hiking every Sunday, a family adventure that gets a little more difficult with each passing week. Each hike is roughly in the range of 5 to 7 miles long, with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet or more. This is challenging enough without doing it back-to-back after my Saturday training […] Read More

Hiking and Biking

When Restless, Go Hiking and Biking Now that we’ve had a break in El Niño, The Assistant has voiced his restlessness. “We used to do so much stuff,” he said. “But ever since the hotel, it’s all been house, house, house.” So given any opportunity whatsoever, he votes for hiking and biking. Case in point: […] Read More

Running Solo

A Solo Run Before Sunrise It’s a Mysterious School Holiday Weekend for our local school district, and my running buddy was heading south to visit The Mouse this weekend. Yet she still seemed to think that she’d be able to fit in a run this morning. (I had my doubts.) Needless to say, she had […] Read More

Climbing Mission Peak

16 Years and Counting When we first moved to California 16 years and 7 months ago, we talked about climbing Mission Peak. We even set out to do it once. In 90-degree temperatures. In the middle of the day. Up the steep incline. With no shade. (We were not very bright in our 20s.) A […] Read More

Rainbow Lessons

What Does a Rainbow Mean? Sometimes the rainbow comes before the rain. My running buddy and I met at 7:30 for our usual Saturday morning run through the vineyard hills. It had been raining and windy through the night, but the forecast assured me that we had at least 120 minutes without rain. More than enough […] Read More

Happy New Year!

No Resolutions Hi everyone! Happy new year! I know it’s been a while. Well, for you, anyway. As for me, I’ve composed dozens of very insightful, thought-provoking blog posts over the past few months. Unfortunately, they’ve only existed in my head, and somehow vanish into thin air any time I attempt to sit in front of […] Read More

Tour de Cure

My First Charity Bike Ride Hey, remember how I told you that I was going to go 50 miles in a charity bike ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association? Well, the last four months happened, and needless to say I didn’t train at the level that I needed to make the 55-mile route […] Read More


My nemesis, the cycle class It’s one month and one week from my scheduled Tour de Cure charity bike ride and seven weeks from my scheduled half marathon. As I’d mentioned before, I need to get off my butt, not only for my fitness but for my sanity. But let’s face it: it’s hard. Daytime is a […] Read More