Climbing Mission Peak

16 Years and Counting

boys-hikingWhen we first moved to California 16 years and 7 months ago, we talked about climbing Mission Peak. We even set out to do it once. In 90-degree temperatures. In the middle of the day. Up the steep incline. With no shade.

(We were not very bright in our 20s.)

A few weeks ago, The Husband finally did it. A group goes from work every once in a while, heading up to the top of Mission Pek for sunset and hiking back in the dark. I have to admit, I was a little bummed that he’d done it without me.

Last Tuesday night, he asked The Assistant if he wanted to go after school on Wednesday. The Assistant, of course, was all in. I, on the other hand, had thoughts like On a school day? What about homework? We won’t be home before his bedtime. On a school night???

But hey, who am I t0 turn down a family hike?

Now, let’s not for a moment pretend that this is an easy hike. This hike has a hell of an elevation profile.


It is, however, gorgeous when you reach the top.


But let’s face it, there are moments where I had my doubts.


But for all of the elevation gain, The Assistant was still perky when he scrambled over the final rocks to the top. That’s him, the tiny neon dot along the ridge.


Would I do it again? Eventually. But I’d have to work around other workouts. After 7.2 miles and nearly 2,100 in elevation gain, my legs were still tired on my run three days later. But the view is excellent.

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