Rainbow Lessons

What Does a Rainbow Mean?

Sometimes the rainbow comesĀ before the rain.

My running buddy and I met at 7:30 for our usual Saturday morning run through the vineyard hills. It had been raining and windy through the night, but the forecast assured me that we had at least 120 minutes without rain. More than enough for what was on our training calendar for the week.

Oh hey, look: Plenty of time for our run!

Oh hey, look: Plenty of time for our run!

So we set out on our normal course, aiming for 5+ miles. (We went 6.1. Yay for us!)

We had already turned around on our out-and-back course and were about a mile and a half from the car when we saw a beautiful rainbow.

Aww, how pretty!

Aww, how pretty!

And as we watched, the rainbow kept getting brighter and brighter! Except… wait, that’s actually the sky getting darker and darker.

Yeah, it’s been years since we’ve had substantial rainfall. Can you tell that we’re out of practice?

Needless to say, we were soaked by the time we got back to the car. I peeled my clingy, wet windbreaker off, and was grateful that I’d hadĀ the forethought of putting a warm, dry sweatshirt in my car weeks earlier. Just in case. (Memo to self: remember to put the sweatshirt back in the car.)

The weather report lied.

The weather report lied.

On the way home, I stopped by the bagel shop to grab breakfast for the family. As I handed my credit card to the man who sees me every week, he looked at me strangely. “Uhhh… you’re dripping.” Sure enough, I’d left a nice little puddle on the floor.

So next time I’m out for a run and see a lovely rainbow, I’ll know to get my butt in gear and sprint back to the car.

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