Training: Unlucky Week 7

Anyone who says that you can still work out with a cold has evidently not done battle with the one that’s rattling around in my ears, nose and throat. Four days into it and I’m neither worse, nor better, aside from being vastly more frustrated and restless.

The Plan

  • Monday, 7/5: 30 minute easy run
  • Tuesday, 7/6: Kickboxing; 3.5 miles plus circuit training with the team
  • Wednesday, 7/7: 45 minutes of non-running cardio
  • Thursday, 7/8: Kickboxing (cancelled for day 1 of my cold)
  • Friday, 7/9: Scheduled rest
  • Saturday, 7/10: 7 mile run, Pilates (cancelled Pilates, walked 5 miles)
  • Sunday, 7/11: 45 minutes of non-running cardio (cancelled)

Before I get started on this week’s update, I should give the big, exciting highlight from last week: the official times for the Run San Ramon 5K from July 4 had me finishing at exactly 30:00 — a blistering (for me) 9:39 mile. Better still? I finished 9th out of 35 women in my age bracket! Even more insane: plugging that 5K finish into a Runners World pace calculator, it thinks that I can finish the half marathon in 2:17, a full 35 minutes faster than my personal record. Whoa. I think that’s wildly optimistic, but it sure sounds nice!

I have no idea how quickly I ran any of my runs this week, since my Nike+ sensor is malfunctioning (I’ll be ranting about that in a separate post someday), but I was sticking to the schedule right up until Thursday morning when the sore throat hit. It’s far from the worst cold that I’ve ever had, but I can’t seem to shake the itchy/scratchy/sore/tickly throat and general malaise that have overtaken me.

They say that you can run as long as the problem is in your head, not your chest. I proved that theory wrong on Saturday when I set out to do a brief run in lieu of the 7 miles and realized that I can’t run through coughing fits. I decided that walking was better than nothing, and still within my capabilities, so I eked out five miles before crashing at my local Peet’s with a giant iced tea that has never, ever tasted so refreshing.

I took another day off today, and I’m hoping that the sore/tickly throat will be gone tomorrow because my body will be so very thrilled that I’ve given it a couple of days of rest. (Are you listening, body? Enough of this, already!)

On a brighter note, a few checks arrived in the mail and I’m just about at the halfway point formy fundraising minimum, which is a bit of a relief. It would be more of a relief if I’d already raised $13,000 like one of my teammates (how on earth has she managed that?) but I’ll take what I can get.

For those in the east bay, does anyone want to register for the Jail Break 5K next Sunday morning at Dublin jail?

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