Another Week in the Books

I’ve logged another training week, including an all-exciting 4th of July 5-K race, my first ever, so a personal record by default! First, the recap:

The Plan

  • Monday, 6/28: Scheduled rest
  • Tuesday, 6/29: Kickboxing
  • Wednesday, 6/30: Running and strength circuits
  • Thursday, 7/1: Kickboxing
  • Friday, 7/2: Scheduled rest
  • Saturday, 7/3: 30 minutes of non-running activity
  • Sunday, 7/4: San Ramon 5-K

The highlights (or lowlights) came on Wednesday and Sunday.

On Wednesday, I ran and did my strength circuits, and just felt horrid. I was slow, sore from Tuesday’s kickboxing, and generally disappointed with my time. It was demoralizing.

Fast forward to Sunday at the timed, certified 5-K race where I realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Nike+ sensor was malfunctioning. Could it be that I was actually doing fine on Wednesday, but my dismal performance was a result of technology failure? I’ll never know for sure.

This morning’s race was brutal. It was hot, well over 70 degrees at the race start. I’m almost always cold, and yet I spent the hour before the race in nothing but a tank top and capris, and wondered if I could be one of those ballsy women who ditches their tank and runs just in a sports bra (answer: I am not).

I ran the full 5-K distance (no runwalking, a HUGE milestone for me!), slowing down only to drink water at the refueling station and to help a 7-year-old boy whose mother ditched him mid-race during his asthma attack because he couldn’t keep up. Someone needs to remind that woman that this was just a 5-K fun run. Fun. Poor little guy.

I told my family that my best case scenario for the race was 30:00, worst case 36:00. I crossed the finish line at 30:00, which was probably a few seconds sub-30 time considering where I started in the pack. I’ll never know my final time for sure, though, since the race was chipless and my Nike+ sensor failed.

One last race observation: sunshine on your face feels at least 3x as hot as sunshine on your back, and the final .75 miles of this race were on a shadeless street staring straight into the sun. This race would really benefit from switching it around to a clockwise direction so you’re finishing on the shady street.

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