Training: Uphill Week 8

The cold or allergy attack or whatever it was that thwarted last weekend’s run was still rearing its ugly head as I kicked off week 8. I took it slow on Monday, but then decided to show the cold no mercy and fight back with hill sprints on Tuesday night.

The Plan

  • Monday, 7/12: 30 minute easy run
  • Tuesday, 7/13: Team hill sprints (plus kickboxing in the morning)
  • Wednesday, 7/14: Cross-training (see kickboxing on Tuesday)
  • Thursday, 7/15: 40 minute easy run plus 4×40 pickups (skipped due to work commitments)
  • Friday, 7/16: Mandatory rest
  • Saturday, 7/17: 7 mile run (plus Pilates)
  • Sunday, 7/18: Cross-training

Three items of note for the week:

Not my shoes, but I love that there are winged sneakers out there!

Item 1: We did hill sprints at our Tuesday night Team practice. We ran from the high school, through residential streets on a gradual uphill, then up the steep grade to the top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the valley.

As a half marathoner, I was supposed to sprint uphill for 20 seconds, then recovery-jog downhill for 40 seconds, repeated six times. As we started up the hill, I found myself strangely agitated by everyone else’s sprint pace, so I started passing people. And then I did it again and again. It was like I had wings on my shoes. I’m pretty sure that this was a fluke, that after a few days off for my cold I was effectively like a well-rested pitcher, but even so, it felt good to be the fast one.

Item 2: I have a really hard time pacing myself. I go to Team practice and I can run alongside other people for an hour without serious effort. I go running by myself and I’m drained and exhausted at the end of mile 1. I try to pace myself like the coaches say, but it’s really hard to test whether or not you’re able to hold a conversation at your current pace when you’re running alone (my Nike+ Sportband used to do that for me, but since the sensor started misbehaving it’s become little more than a glorified stopwatch). It’s bad enough that I’m out running at 5:30 AM anyway; I don’t want to be the crazy lady who’s up before dawn AND talking to herself as she runs.

Looks like I'll need to practice my hill sprints.

Item 3: I registered for the Angel Island 12K run on August 28. It’s a trail run, which I’ve never done, so it should add an interesting level of challenge to my training. It’s a hilly run, but hopefully my hill sprint training will pay off.

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