Why Write the Betty Blog?

This blog is about life.

We’ve been conditioned to expect things to be all or nothing. We make dramatic resolutions on December 31st that we break by January 2, and then feel terrible about ourselves. We think that we can’t change at all because our annual, dramatic attempts at change just don’t work.

We get 365 fresh starts each year. What if you could be a little more active? What if you could eat a little bit healthier? One change a day — even one change each week — can add up to something substantial. It’s about the day-to-day challenges and the small, incremental changes that we can make each day to live a little bit healthier and a little bit better without giving up the things that you love.

Yes, I know that you’re busy. So am I. So was Betty.

My grandmother is the model for this blog. She was active, nutritionally conscious and resilient well into her 80s. Asking myself, “What would Betty do?” is a good reminder that if she could do it, so can I.

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