A Week of Training

I realize that not everyone wants to see the details of my workouts on a daily basis, so now that you’re all fairly certain that I’m following the plan, I’ll give a week-in-review recap on Mondays.

The Plan

  • Monday 6/21: 30 minute run
  • Tuesday 6/22: Kickboxing
  • Wednesday 6/23: Running hills
  • Thursday 6/24: Kickboxing
  • Friday 6/25: Mandatory rest day
  • Saturday 6/26: 6 mile run, followed by Pilates
  • Sunday 6/27: Hiking

The hardest part this week was the six miles on Saturday, not necessarily because of the distance itself, but because I wasn’t mentally prepared for it. I carefully mapped out my route the night before, one that took me along the Arroyo Trail. I was running along, thinking that I was making fantastic time.

When I got to the exit point that I’d been mentally preparing for, I looked at my Sportband: I was still a mile and a half short of my goal. That’s when I realized that I was supposed to take the long loop around. It’s really amazing how demoralizing that can be. I seriously considered bailing out and limiting my run to 4.5 miles, but I knew that I had to keep going if I wanted to get stronger for the big race itself. So I muttered under my breath (a lot) and walked (longer than I should have) and finally pulled it all together for a semi-respectable finish.

Next time, I’ll be sure to pay a little more attention to the course before leaving the house.

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