The Team Run


Plan: 4 miles. Completed: 4.5 miles, mostly running.

It was a damp, chilly Saturday morning at Lake Chabot when we headed off to do our team run. I’d never run at the lake before, and wasn’t quite prepared for the extent of the hills that we were going to encounter, but I quickly decided that for the sake of training, the only way to get better was to push myself. I decided to run all the flats and uphill stretches and allow myself to recover by walking downhill.

Yeah. It sounds ridiculous on paper, doesn’t it?

The Team is filled with a mix of abilities, all training for runs of different lengths. For example, the half marathoners — like me — needed to do 4 miles today. The marathoners were in for between 5-7 miles, depending on their skill to start with.

The course was set up so that we would run the left side of the lake first, 1.5 miles out to the middle of the dam, then back again for a 3-mile loop. Then the course continued on the right side of the lake. Turnaround points were marked along the way. As a 4-miler, I ran to the first point, half a mile in, before turning around and returning to the start.

It wasn’t until after I was in the car that I realized something strange: I don’t remember passing anyone on their return loop while I was heading out to the 4-mile turnaround. Is it even possible that I could have been in the lead? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Nevertheless, I finished the 4.5 miles in 48 minutes for a 10:48 overall pace. That’s a great time for me, especially for any distance longer than a mile or two.

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