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What Would Betty Do Logo You’re Only As Old As You Feel

Betty was on the living room floor, coffee table pushed aside, doing bicycle crunches. The Olympics were on TV and they were doing some sort of video montage of an athlete’s training. Elbow to knee. Elbow to knee. Left. Right. Left. Right. “Get down here and do this!” she shouted, laughing. Left. Right. Left. Right. […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo What Would Betty Do?

The idea for the blog came relatively easily. Finding a half-decent domain name was nearly impossible. I spent days trying to match words about fitness, wellness, balance and moderation. I ended up with some very long and really quite awful URLs. I’d even gone so far as to play with an online band name generator, […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Why Write the Betty Blog?

This blog is about life. We’ve been conditioned to expect things to be all or nothing. We make dramatic resolutions on December 31st that we break by January 2, and then feel terrible about ourselves. We think that we can’t change at all because our annual, dramatic attempts at change just don’t work. We get […] Read More