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For My Mind

Yes, I’m Listening Recently, my hair stylist very gently pointed out that Betty was floundering. I hadn’t been posting, hadn’t been cooking, hadn’t been exercising. And she very subtly noted that this sort of thing wasn’t sustainable, not for my body and especially not for my mind. Huh. Interesting. My mind, it seems, is a […] Read More


We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Hi everyone, I wanted to send a sincere apology for not posting anything of late. About three weeks ago, we had a fire at our house. Everyone is fine, and the damage could have been so much worse, but it is completely disruptive. We’re living from hotels. I have […] Read More

Letter to Myself at 21

What We’ve Learned Over 21 Years People ask, “If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be?” I figure that you’re old enough now to hear what I have to say. Ready? Here we go…. When they take you to lunch in Chinatown today to celebrate your birthday, don’t […] Read More

Mother’s Day

An Apology to My Mother-in-Law I can’t deal with Mother’s Day. The onslaught of “Don’t forget Mom!” and “We know what Mom really wants!” emails and signs start in mid-April, and with each one I can feel myself curling into a tighter and tighter ball, that nerve rubbed raw by Mom Season, where at every […] Read More

Wearing Many Hats

(This is Not a Metaphor) I’ve come to realize that I’ve been wearing many hats. Not in the metaphorical sense — although juggling half a dozen clients, coaching little league, and generally managing 90% of our home life would certainly qualify — but actual, literal hats. It started gradually, with the quest for a decent […] Read More

Eating for Speed

More Calories Make Big Differences Every year, when I begin training, I have the same problem: no increase in speed, but a noticeable increase in my waistline. When you research why people gain weight when training, you get the following suggestions: You ran, so you deserve a reward! Go have that entire pizza and a pint […] Read More

Pacific Northwest Food

Eating Everything in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver We interrupt our regularly scheduled recipes to talk about how you need to go to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver and eat everything you can get your hands on. Last week, we headed north for spring break. I knew there was a Pacific Northwest food scene, but I had […] Read More

A Better Way to do Health Insurance?

Common Sense and Usability I hate our health insurance. Before get excited thinking that this is a rant about the Affordable Care Act and how healthcare for all is ruining America, I can assure you that this is not that kind of post. What I hate is that the system of this Major Health Insurance Company (MHIC) […] Read More


10 Days, Lots of Liquid It seems like there’s been a lot of talk about hydration lately. I don’t really track my daily consumption, but I was pretty sure that I was operating below the recommended 8 glasses or 64 ounces per day. I’ve also read in several places that we should all be drinking 1 […] Read More

Unexpected: Baseball Coach Edition

Coaching = Parenting x 12 This is my fourth year as a baseball coach for my son’s team, which means that this is my fourth year of marveling at the things that have to come out of my mouth as the resident authority figure. I try very hard to not let them see that what I really want […] Read More