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Life, the Universe and Everything When I was 5 years old, I met a little boy. I was instantly in awe of him because he was allowed to cross the street unsupervised. He was wearing tube socks with green stripes, one pulled up to his knee and the other bunched at his ankle, because 197os […] Read More

Salad in a Jar

Eliminate the Lunchtime Guesswork I hate dealing with lunch. Hate it. I work from a home office, and I don’t have anyone to drag me away from my desk for a social lunchtime event. I never want to prepare a proper meal (more dishes? no thanks) and sometimes I’ve spent all of my food-related interest on […] Read More

Going Gray

Ready or Not, I’m Going Gray I found my first gray hair shortly after my 16th birthday. I was getting ready to out on a date — one of only a handful in my high school years — and there it was: bright silver and glistening in the light, starkly obvious against my dark brown […] Read More

Blue Apron Review

Inside the Magical Blue Apron Box Have you heard of Blue Apron? It’s a very interesting concept: exact portions of fresh ingredients come shipped to your home, complete with detailed, full-color recipe cards. It’s designed to not only eliminate shopping (and impulse buying) at the supermarket, but also helps to control portion sizes, which may […] Read More

On the Move

Tales of a Fitbit Obsessive Everyone in our family has a Fitbit. The Assistant enjoys the fact that school recesses and P.E. classes always kept him at the top of the family leaderboard. The Husband’s coworkers decided to implement a Workweek Challenge. That’s where you compete against a select crew of invitees for 5-day totals. […] Read More

A Little Less Well

In Which I Contemplate Working Less Oh hey, hi! Didn’t see you there, internet friend. See, I’ve been busy. I hate saying that I’m busy. It’s such a cliche. “Oh, I’m so much busier than you are, therefore I must be more important.” Gag. But it’s the kind of busy that’s been going on for […] Read More

Tales from the Infirmary

Don’t Underestimate That Virus There won’t be a recipe this week. We haven’t exactly been cooking around here. It all started last Friday night. The Husband was out of the country on business, and The Assistant and I had gone out for dinner. After I put him to bed, I noticed that I had a […] Read More

Halloween Candy

Eat All the Candy You Want If I’ve heard it once at school drop off or pickup, I’ve heard it a dozen times: a mother saying, “OMG, I’ve totally gained five pounds since Halloween thanks to all of the kids’ candy.” Let’s do a little fact recap, shall we? Number of extra calories needed to […] Read More

Race Recap: Stadtlauf Nürnberg

Stadtlauf Nürnberg: A Half Marathon in Bavaria Here it is: my belated race recap. Cut me some slack: two weeks on the road with limited wifi and a huge workload kind of puts a crimp in the blogging. As you may recall, just a few short weeks ago I was concerned that I wasn’t even […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo My Third Fix

My Third Review of Stitch Fix I’ve talked about my two previous shipments from Stitch Fix here and here. Here’s what I got. Item 1: 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse This was interesting. I liked the color, but there was something about the sleeves that just weren’t quite right. When you’re tall, if the 3/4 sleeve doesn’t […] Read More