My Third Fix

My Third Review of Stitch Fix

I’ve talked about my two previous shipments from Stitch Fix here and here. Here’s what I got.

Item 1: 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse


This was interesting. I liked the color, but there was something about the sleeves that just weren’t quite right. When you’re tall, if the 3/4 sleeve doesn’t hit at just the right spot, it catches on the elbow and pulls on the shoulders an neck. It just looked weird. Back it went.

Item 2: Button-Up Long-Sleeve Blouse


This was a really nice style and the sleeves were passably long. However, the material was a bit scratchy (which was a bit of a turn-off). But the biggest issue was that most of my travel pants are dark jeans or black pants, and the deep navy looked off-color with both. Back it went.

Item 3: Striped Maxi Jersey Dress



Long! No set-in waist! Versatile! Unfortunately, they sent a size M that fit like an XS. I could barely squeeze myself into it, and certainly not wear it. If I’d been at a store, I would have tried it in L and XL to nail the sizing. Back it went (reluctantly).

Item 4: Asymmetrical Colorblock Jacket


Good idea in theory, big miss in practice. The jacket looked wrinkled coming out of the box, and the combination of faux leather and unknown main material had zero give to it. I’ve never before tried on a jacket that I described as “too tight in the elbows.” I’m sure it was small everywhere, but the inability to bend my elbows was where I noticed it most. Adios, jacket.

Item 5: Gray Linen Wide Leg Pant


I’ve always been thoroughly befuddled by linen and its penchant for wrinkling, so I was going to say no to these. But…. BUT…. They’re long (35″ inseam). They’re soft as pajamas. They fit me through the waist and hips like they were custom made for me. And so I sigh, keep them with a complicated sense of love and adoration, and hope that there will be an iron in my European hotel room when I travel later this month.

The Results: 1/5

As I said before, 1/5 sounds terrible, but I don’t usually do that well at the store. This may not be a recurring service for me, but I like the fact that it’s there, especially when I’m looking for something new before a business trip. Oh, I should also mention that this one inexplicably arrived ahead of schedule by a couple of days, I guess to balance slight lateness of previous shipments.

Want to Try It?

If you’re interested in testing it out for yourself, use this referral code: I think it’s worth a try.

If you’ve tried it, let me know in the comments. I’m curious to hear what you think.

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2 Responses

  1. I do want to try it, but will have to wait until we live in the US again. I’m enjoying seeing what you get though!

  2. Alisa says:

    I’m going to hold off on a 4th fix for a while. I wanted some stuff for the upcoming Big Business Trip, but once that’s come and gone, I don’t really need anything for a while.

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