My Second Fix

Last month, I talked about getting my first package, or “fix” from Stitch Fix. My second Fix arrived on Friday.

What I Got

I made detailed comments and notes after the first Fix, and my stylist, Ashley, made reference to them and my desire to have some new, non-wrinkle clothing for my upcoming business trip to Europe, proving that their stylists are actual people and not just some algorithm in a data center somewhere. I specified that I didn’t necessarily need items for the office or on stage, but I did want things that I could wear while out with colleagues in the evening or on weekends. She came up with some good ideas, all of which would have worked for the occasions that I specified.

Item 1: Dark Wash Straight Leg Jean



This was a good effort. Dark wash? Check. Straight leg? Check. Unfortunately the inseam was 32″, and I need a minimum of 34″. Before I checked the price tag, I debated doing a cuffed capri look, but I wasn’t prepared to sink $128 into a pair of jeans that were too short. Too bad, too, because the pockets were well-placed and made my butt look quite nice. Back they went.

Item 2: Cross-Front Blouse



There are a lot of these cross-front blouses out in the stores, and this one looked really cute when I pulled it out of the box: neutral white with a lace detail at the back. I tried it on and showed The Assistant who told me that it looked like I was having a baby. I’ve often thought this about these tops when I try them on. Do they hit me at an awkward spot because of my height? Is it because I don’t have a lot to fill the draping at the chest? Whatever the reason, they really don’t work for me.

Item 3: Maxi Dress


I really, really wanted to like this. The material was substantial. The chevron pattern was flattering. The dress very nearly came to the floor — on me! This is practically unheard of. But as with many dresses, its waist didn’t line up with mine. Again, due to my height, there’s this awkward spot between my natural waist and an empire waist, and that’s where most dresses with fixed waistlines hit me. No deal.

Item 4: Asymmetrical Cardigan


The sleeves were long enough. I repeat: THE SLEEVES WERE LONG ENOUGH! This happens once in every 100 things I try on. I was thrilled. I would have preferred it to be in a more dynamic color, but the gray is versatile. I’m not sure if it’s ever meant to be zipped or not. It has a lovely draped neckline when it’s zipped, but it lacks a much-needed inside button to make the bottom layer sit flat. Regardless, it was very much my style, and a keeper. I’ve already worn it twice in three days.

Item 5: Stone Necklace (No Photo)

The final item was a white stone necklace set in a gold-tone bezel and long chain. The stone itself reminded me of the jagged inside of a geode. It was pretty, but when I tried it on with a few outfits, it fell at a strange length — too short to be long and too long to be short. When I tried it on with a V-neck, it kept trying to tuck itself inside the neckline. Again, this might be a function of my height.

The Results: 1/5

I know that many women score 5/5 and find a whole box of things that they love, and that would be wonderful. I’m now at a rate of 1/10, which sounds terrible, but is truthfully pretty comparable to my success rate in stores. I’m not easy to fit. I know it. I’m willing to try again, and I’ve scheduled one more pre-trip order for September 3.

Want to Try It?

If you’re interested in testing it out for yourself, use this referral code: I think it’s worth a try.

If you’ve tried it, let me know in the comments. I’m curious to hear what you think.

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  1. eep says:

    I am SO tempted to try this. I hate shopping but I like clothes, and always feel like I wear the same 7 outfits all of the time. I am also tall (5’10”), though not quite so tall as you, and have almost given up entirely on finding a pair of jeans that fit and look good. We just moved to Texas last week and I am not employed yet, but once I get a job I might try this out. The weather here is different enough that my wardrobe will need some work.

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