Hi! I Miss You.

Slacker Blogger Offers Apology

I have finally, FINALLY managed to find enough time in my week to cook new things. I haven’t yet managed to find time to post about these new things. Baby steps, people. I’m roughly 17% over capacity at this point, with no sign of things slowing down, which is terrible because I have a lot of things to say.

So, until then: hi! Hope you’re all doing well. Please enjoy this photo from a recent Team in Training run through the vineyards.



I will also ask very insightful questions, such as:

  • Why are hotels at or near Frankfurt Airport so frightfully expensive on October 7?
  • Why can’t the US credit card companies get their act together and issue me a chip and PIN card already?
  • Are KT Tape and Hoka One One shoes actually helping me or is this a pricey placebo?

I’ll discuss this and more when I can take a breath.

Miss you. All of you. No, really, I do.



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