Incremental Changes

Sometimes you have to correct your course to stay on the path.

I’ve lost my way.

I started this blog in 2010 to encourage people to make small changes in their lives, the kind of things that seem almost ridiculously small on their own, but can add up to significant changes in health and wellbeing over time.

I’ve been focusing a lot on cooking, because it’s something that I do every day and I figure that if I can whip up a meal with a 4-year-old “helper,” then I’m pretty sure that anyone can do it. I track my workouts, partly because I want my Team in Training donors to understand my level of commitment, not only to fundraising but to keeping myself healthy and strong. It keeps me accountable to you, the invisible masses out there on the Internetz.

But that’s the problem: you’re invisible.

I think that most people wish that they could do something to live a little bit healthier, but thinking of end goals of losing 20 pounds or reducing cholesterol levels or starting a couch-to-5k program all seem daunting because we think of the outcomes instead of the small steps that get us there.

At a conference last week, Luke Mysse double dog dared us to commit to something and put it out there publicly on Twitter. I’d like to do the same here. Share in the comments, or if you prefer a private one-on-one dare, email me directly. I’ll be your cheerleader and do what I can to help you make the changes that you want, one step at a time.

Are you ready?

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