Training: My Slow-Down Sunday

Walking and Hiking for Fitness

I had a night of insomnia after the tiny beach motel’s smoke detector started chirping at 11:45. And, of course, being a tiny beach motel, there’s no one on site to replace the battery until morning. I ripped the chirpy beast off the ceiling, yanked out its battery, and then proceeded to lie awake listening to barking dogs until sunrise.

I headed out for a morning run in honor of my coach*, but decided that the day was entirely too beautiful for running. I stopped. I took pictures. I listened to the waves. I watched a tame deer. I chatted about wildlife with complete strangers. All while the family slept.

I did about 7,000 steps this morning (3.5 miles) and capped that off with another 13,000 of hiking and general activity with the family. Not a bad day for activity. And since Fitbit weights walking more heavily than other exercise, I scored major Very Active Minutes points today. (It gives zero credit for a day in which I replace car errands with 10 miles on the bike.)

Some photos from the day:










* While I wasn’t sleeping, I was obsessively checking the course updates for my coach, Tim Corliss, as he ran the Western States Endurance Run, 100 miles of brutal trail racing (yes, running… the whole way) from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, CA. He finished in 26 hours and 54 minutes, and I couldn’t be any prouder. Seriously, Tim: you rock.

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