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What Would Betty Do Logo Review: Fitbit Flex

Three Months with Fitbit Flex I am a former owner of a Fitbit One. I thought that the One was an excellent product. It accurately tracked steps, and did fun stuff like measuring floors climbed (elevation change is a cool trick when you run and bike). My issue with the One was the form factor: […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: My Slow-Down Sunday

Walking and Hiking for Fitness I had a night of insomnia after the tiny beach motel’s smoke detector started chirping at 11:45. And, of course, being a tiny beach motel, there’s no one on site to replace the battery until morning. I ripped the chirpy beast off the ceiling, yanked out its battery, and then […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Fitbit Reviews: One, Flex and Aria

Fitbit Product Review I’m a data-geeky sort of person, so when I heard about all of the things that Fitbit could track — steps, sleep, floors climbed, active minutes, hydration, calories — I was more than a little excited. No, I don’t really need all of that information, but I do love gamification of my […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: Two Weeks With My Fitbit

Fitbit Product Review At Christmas, my in-laws gave me an Amazon gift card. This is surprisingly hard to spend. I buy lots of stuff from Amazon — books, office supplies, kitchen gear — but I wanted to use my Christmas gift on something cool, something that I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself otherwise. Hello, […] Read More