Betty Says: Running While Traveling

How Do I Make Time To Exercise When I Travel?

There are plenty of places to run, even in the city.

This question is an easy one!

Dear Betty,

I travel a lot for work, which makes it hard for me to stick with my regular workouts. How can I make time to exercise when I’m traveling?

– Slacking in St. Louis

This one is easy for me. Ready?

Pack your workout clothes.

No, seriously: that’s the entire plan. See, I pack in my carry-on bag only. If I’m going to give up that much suitcase space for athletic shoes and running clothes, I’m damned well going to use them.

Not enough motivation for you? Ok: tell someone that you’re planning to run/swim/work out the next morning. They’ll hold you accountable. Do you really want to have to say, “No, I hit the snooze button for 40 minutes.” No you do not. If you’re a runner or walker, ask the hotel concierge to map out a route the night before. You’ll be fully prepared and will have no excuse to stay in your room.

Seriously, this is all it takes to get my butt out the door. But if you want one more suggestion, here it is: exercise will make your jet lag better. You’ll feel better faster. Your brain will be clearer. You’ll sleep better. It will make you look five years younger! Ok, the last one was total bull, but the rest of them are true.

What gets you out the door when you travel?

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2 Responses

  1. This last time, it was knowing that if I didn’t run while I was gone, I was going to fall behind my training group. The threat of humiliation is by far the most powerful motivator I’ve found.

    Otherwise, I do best when I travel with Raj. He’s got this weird thing called “internal motivation” and will just up and exercise because it’s good for him. I don’t really get that, but if he’s going for a run, then I may as well go too.

  2. Alisa says:

    What is this “internal motivation” that you speak of? Seriously, I just went away for three nights and couldn’t even manage to drag my lazy self downstairs to sit in a hot tub. That’s really, really lazy.

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