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Becoming a Running Coach

Giving a course preview at an early season run.

A strange thing has happened in recent weeks. In early July, someone suggested that I should become a running coach. I kind of laughed it off.

A week later, another person asked if I would get certified so I could coach her. I kind of laughed it off.

By the time the third person suggested it in less than a month, I was starting to get the feeling that the universe was trying to tell me something.

I posted something about it on Facebook, just because it seemed like such a strange and curious thing that three unrelated people would suggest the same thing. Within a few hours, eight more people were giving me a subtle nudge in that direction.

Coincidentally, I took the Tiny Kitchen Assistant to a sports equipment store to get him some shun guards for his inaugural soccer season. We ran into one of his friends, a kid whose father will be coaching a U-7 team this fall. Out of nowhere, and having heard none of the previous conversations about my possible coaching career, the Assistant said, “My Mom’s a running coach! She coaches the slow people because they need her the most.”


It’s not that the thought had never crossed my mind. I’m on the mailing list for the RRCA certification courses, but never pulled the trigger on a course.

But now I’m wondering: should I? What do these people know that I don’t?

Do you have a running coach? If you were shopping for a coach, what qualities would you look for?


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