Training: Fully Recovered and Running Hills

A Physical Therapy Success Story

There’s no daylight with the 5:30 AM Saturday wakeup.

For those of you who have been following my blog (and really, who hasn’t?), you’ll know that way back in the beginning of May, before the Team in Training season even started, I tweaked my IT band while out on a hike. Note to all of you who haven’t been through this: don’t be like me and underestimate how much the damn thing can hurt.

After a month of stabbing pain and the heartfelt hope that it would get better, I finally caved and made an appointment at SOL Physical Therapy in Oakland, where I learned from Brian, my therapist, that I had a weak ass. (He was more diplomatic and said “glutes,” but let’s face it: I knew what he meant.)

Eight weeks of obsessive strength training, balance work and stretching later, I’ve passed all of my tests, been discharged from PT, and can run 6+ miles without pain.

This strikes me as nothing short of miraculous. No, really. Last month I wondered if I’d be able to run at all this season. This month I’m wondering if I should sign up for a second half marathon a month after Nike.

Hill, oh how I loathe you. (That’s me in the bright yellow shirt.)

This week’s run was along the Carquinez Scenic Drive in Martinez. The course was lovely, with views of the bay and the Carquinez Bridge, but it starts out with a half mile of uphill.

Good news: the last half mile was downhill.

Bad news: I was sucking some serious wind on that initial uphill, and my body was protesting mightily until I warmed up, which took longer than I wanted it to.

The highlight of the run is a spot where the road washed out in a landslide in 1982. As you can see from the photo to the right, the situation could get a little precarious if you happen to not be paying attention.

It’s a long way down. Mind the gap.

Judging by how much of the soil is washed out beneath the asphalt, it’s not going to take much more erosion before that narrow path is gone altogether.

I managed to get out of the house, drive to the run, run the course, do my captain thing, hit the farmer’s market and get back home, all before 9:45 AM.

How was your Saturday morning? Anything good at this week’s farmer’s market? I’m still obsessed with our unnaturally good blackberries this year.

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