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What Would Betty Do Logo Week in Review

Weight Training, Travel and Baseball It’s been a crazy year, the kind where I’m looking at the calendar, realizing that we’re perilously close to the end of the first quarter and I’m wondering what the hell happened. Weight Training I started weight training at the end of January, super slow sets with a personal trainer. […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: Two Weeks With My Fitbit

Fitbit Product Review At Christmas, my in-laws gave me an Amazon gift card. This is surprisingly hard to spend. I buy lots of stuff from Amazon — books, office supplies, kitchen gear — but I wanted to use my Christmas gift on something cool, something that I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself otherwise. Hello, […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Change: Call Me Coach, Maybe?

Becoming a Running Coach A strange thing has happened in recent weeks. In early July, someone suggested that I should become a running coach. I kind of laughed it off. A week later, another person asked if I would get certified so I could coach her. I kind of laughed it off. By the time […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: So I Went For a Hike

After several weeks of missing class due to my viral malise,* my Zumba buddy graciously invited me to accompany her and another mom on a Monday morning hike. It’s a reasonable trail with moderate elevation gain on the top of a breezy but not too windy hill. It quickly became obvious that we hadn’t really […] Read More