Training: For the Love of Pilates

Walking on uneven ground wasn't easy, but it was worth it to see the staring contest between my kid and a sheep.

Last week, my father came to visit and acted as my chauffeur. I took full advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house, not once but twice, to head to my favorite Pilates studio. I’ll grant you that it wasn’t my usual, full-on Pilates session. Instead of reformer work we did lots of therapeutic, aided stretching on the trapeze table. We used The Stick to roll out my IT band and calves. There were more than a few moments where I was cursing under my breath and in serious discomfort. And then I stood up.

It was like I had an entirely new body. Limbs were flexible. My back no longer ached. My left IT band and calf — long bearing the brunt of all of my body weight — felt like they had been completely replaced. It was awesome.

I was feeling so good that I even attempted taking the boot and my ever-so-fashionable geriatric cane on an off-road class trip adventure to my 4-year-old’s first class trip, a morning at the pumpkin patch. By the time we got back to the car, I was as exhausted as if we’d climbed a mountain, but it felt so good to be outdoors and on the move!

I have 2.5 weeks remaining until I can be set free from the boot and sent on to physical therapy, and another month and a half before I can start running again. I never imagined that the words “physical therapy” would sound so heavenly.

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