There’s a lot of conflicting and confusing health information out there. Tons of it, actually. The headlines on your local news like to tease about promising treatments for this or that condition, or scare you about The Hidden Health Hazard in Your Home (you know the one).

My goal is to take that tiny little nugget of information, do a little bit of research and try to put it in a larger context. I also hope to remind you of tools for prevention and early detection of disease in an effort to help you live a long, happy, healthy life.

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What Would Betty Do Logo The End of School

The Rules Go Out the Window I have a school clothing rule: no logos or characters on shirts, and no basketball shorts. I don’t see any reason for elementary school kids to be walking billboards for brands, or for them to look like they just rolled out of the gym. Once Memorial Day hits, all […] Read More

Being Busy

Staying Grounded When Things Get Crazy I really hate it when you ask someone how they’re doing and they reply, “busy.” We’re all busy. It’s not a competition. And yet… In the past couple of months I ran an election campaign and got elected to the board of directors. I finished a nine-course Coursera certification. […] Read More

Books I’ve Been Reading

An Array of¬†Reading Material I have to confess that I read nothing for months. When we were living in the hotel, I simply didn’t have the attention span to actually sit down and read something start to finish. But starting at the end of last year, I finally got my groove back. A good book […] Read More

Personal Style

Subtle or Bold? Figuring Out My Style With everything that’s happened in the past year, I feel like I’ve aged a decade in a matter of months. In the past, my freckles and pale skin kept me looking younger than my age. Not anymore. My skin looks dull. My hair is grayer than ever. Everything […] Read More

I Drink Water

Don’t Give Me That Look, Server   As you know, we’ve been eating out a lot in the last three months. And I see a lot of this. “Hi, I’m Travis and I’ll be taking care of you today. Can I get you something to drink?” “Water with lemon, please.” “Just water?”¬†<Travis gives me a […] Read More