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vegetable-brothHi y’all. I want to talk about recipes and my temporary need to post fewer of them. You see, it’s baseball season, and many of my nights have been co-opted by games and practices. It’s not that we’re not eating at home, it’s just that with limited time to cook anything, my recipes have shifted from “let’s try something new!” to tossing tried and true favorites into the slow cooker so dinner will be waiting when we get home.

Most dinners have been beans or lentils and rice. Both beans and lentils can be cooked in volume, freeze well, and can be easily reheated in a Crock Pot for the evening. And of course, the rice cooker is almost always working in parallel with the slow cooker.

Recent meals include:

I’ve also been making vegetable broth every two weeks to make use of expiring vegetables, and that flavor gets added to everything from soups to rice.

So please bear with me through the end of the school year as I rely on old standards to keep us fed.

Also: if you have any slow cooker recipes, please help a busy mom out and share them in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. Lori says:

    These lime chicken tacos are our favorite crock pot meal, though we just eat the chicken on lettuce instead of in taco shells or tortillas, plus our preferred taco bowl toppings.
    I also really like this Hawaiian meatball recipe, though I think Raj is less enthusiastic about it:
    This Tuscan chicken stew was also good. The balsamic vinegar gives it an unexpected hit of flavor. I made it during the Whole30, so I subbed extra stock for the wine and skipped the water/corn starch step.
    This pepper steak is good, but requires some cooking after you take it out of the crock pot, so it may not be great for baseball (or in my case, dragon boat) nights.