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A touch of green in my Nuu-Muu dress for St. Patrick's Day.

Limelight for St. Patrick’s Day.

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to write about one of my favorite products. Many of you have noticed that I’m always wearing a running dress my race photos and post-run selfies. (Ok, on my 6’1″ frame it looks more like a tunic, but still….) The dresses are made in America by an awesome company called Nuu-Muu, based in Bellingham, Washington. They make two styles: the classic Nuu-Muu without pockets, and the Ruu-Muu style with two pockets at the small of your back.

I’ve had both styles, but love the Ruus more because I always have someplace to put my phone, keys or whatever else I might be carrying. The pockets are large enough to hold a packet of Honey Stinger chews, as well as my wadded-up Brooks LSD Lite jacket after I overheat.

My first dress was a Calypso print Ruu, which looks like a 1960s go-go dress. And it’s awesome. I still love it just as much as I did the day I got it. And it looks exactly like it did the day it arrived three or four years ago. These dresses are made from a fabric that drapes beautifully, dries quickly and never looks worn out.

Ruby on Christmas in London.

Ruby on Christmas in London.

I wear them for everything. They’re my go-to running gear paired with Lucy pocket capris; they’re perfect for cycling to hide my bulky, padded bike shorts; they’re my standard travel outfit with Hue leggings and a cardigan (this was all I packed for our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, as well as our holiday trip to London); and they’re generally more comfortable than most clothes.

There’s a “fans” page on Facebook where people buy, sell and swap styles, and try to score coveted discontinued patterns. I’ve had many styles come through my closet, but have swapped and traded for new stuff over the years. I’m still trying to hold out for a couple of classic prints, like Sahara or Precious Mettle. Or Twilight. Or Limelight. (Anyone?)

New patterns are released twice a year, typically mid-winter and late summer. The fans are already anxiously awaiting the next release!

All of the discontinued patterns.

All of the discontinued patterns.

If you plan to stock your closet with many at once (ha!) or know other people who also want them, there is a 25% discount on orders of $375 or more — equal to five Nuu-Muu pocketless dresses — which is cool if you want to have a matching group for a race. Also, there’s a “decade deals” discount: 40% off for your 40th birthday, 50% off for your 50th, etc.

Sizing is an interesting issue. Based on their size charts, I’m a medium through the chest and a large through the waist and hips. I find that most mediums fit me better. While I’d probably prefer the extra belly/hip leeway of a large, there’s enough room in the medium to fit comfortably without being too large through the chest. If you’re on the border of sizes, I’d advise that you go by your chest measurement.

If you’re looking for an excellent multifunctional dress/tunic for running and life, Nuu-Muu is exactly what you need.

* Not a compensated endorsement, just a superfan.

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