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The Science Behind the Perfect Cookie

Big minty chunks of chocolate add another dimension of flavor.

Big minty chunks of chocolate add another dimension of flavor.

I’ve long been meaning to create something like this, but behold! Others have already done it, and in a far more lovely format than I could achieve. Check out that explanation and then come on back.

So how do you bake the best chocolate chip cookie ever? That depends on how you define “best.” Is it chewy? Puffy? Thick and dense? Gooey? There’s a formula, folks. By adding, subtracting and swapping basic chocolate chip cookie ingredients, you can strike gold.

Maybe you base your cookies on the standard Toll House recipe. Maybe, like me, you prefer Alton Brown’s chewy chocolate chip cookies. And maybe, if you’re The Assistant, you prefer to doctor up that basic recipe with fancy mix-ins to make mint chocolate chip cookies, orĀ peanut butter cup cookies.

What’s your favorite chocolate chip cookie?

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  1. That’s funny – I have a half-written draft of a post about how to bake a better cookie. For chocolate chip, I like soft and puffy and have therefore sworn eternal allegiance to the pudding cookie. Cannot be beat for texture, which is maybe unreasonably important to me.

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