The Weeks in Review

On the Move

You may or may not have noticed that there was no recipe posted on Friday. You see, it’s because the only time I’ve sat down in the last week is a) on a plane, or b) in a car. There’s certainly been no time for cooking or access to a kitchen. Don’t be ridiculous.

Last weekend was Maker Faire, a¬†weird, wild and wonderful gathering of nerds in San Mateo, California. There is too much awesome to ever properly explain, so I’ll let this drone’s eye video explain it for me. While some festivals of nerdery are exclusionary, Maker Faire is all about families and kids and sharing everything from electronics to robotics to handmade crafts. If you ever get the chance, you should go.

I left directly from Maker Faire on Sunday night to head to the airport for a conference in Phoenix. As an introvert, there’s something simultaneously invigorating and exhausting about all conferences. This one was no exception. I felt like I was go-go-go all week.

I flew home on Thursday night, went straight to Open House at school, and then more or less collapsed in a heap.

On Friday, we packed the car and battled the weekend traffic to drive to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. The weather is unspeakably beautiful this time of year, with snow-capped peaks and glassy blue water surrounded by pine trees.

When I get back on Tuesday, it will be time to go to my first workout of the season with Team in Training. Yes, I’ve signed up for my fourth season in five years, aiming for another October half marathon, possibly in Europe in the middle of a business trip. We’ll see what I finally choose.

What have you been up to?

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