Not Your Usual Holiday Gift

They may not need stuff, but they probably appreciate caffeine.

I don’t know about you, but I think most of us have reached the point where the holidays roll around and we’re all absolutely stumped. It’s rare that a fiend of family member actually asks for something that they specifically want or need, so we’re left stumbling blindly, trying to figure out something useful to wrap with pretty paper and a bow. Because honestly, how many of us really need more stuff?

Hopefully, one of these suggestions will work for someone on your list.

  • For anyone: Give the gift of an evening out. May I suggest a gift card for a local restaurant, tickets to a movie theater or sporting event, and maybe even an IOU for babysitting when they do go?
  • For the coffee lover: May I recommend a lovely Kona coffee? I’ve been to the source, Smithfarms on the Big Island of Hawaii, and can wholeheartedly recommend it.
  • For the tea lover: My favorite iced tea of all time is the Summer House blend from Peet’s. More of a hot tea lover? Try the Jasmine Downy Pearls for a smooth and delicate cup.
  • For the cook: I am a huge fan of Coffee BBQ Rub from Muddy Dog Coffee. It adds a depth and flavor to any meat, and makes a fantastic pulled pork.
  • For the baker: The Baking Extracts Gift Box from The Spice House is an excellent gift. Not only does it have four amazing flavors (their vanilla extract is spectacular), but it comes packed with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks.
  • Something sparkly: For my birthday, the Tiny Kitchen Assistant gave me this necklace, encouraging me to Accomplish Magnificent Things. The necklace looks small and delicate, but is durable enough for everyday use, and is a great sentiment.
  • For the photographer: Custom DSLR camera bags. I have a few of Judy’s purses from before she switched over to camera bags, and they’re colorful and well made. You won’t have this in time for the holidays, but give your photographer an IOU and let her pick her fabric.
  • For the charitably focused: One of my personal charities is The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Make a donation in someone’s name, or purchase items for the hospital’s patients, such as books for the waiting room, or Medic Alert bracelets for diabetic kids.

What have you found for the people on your list? Share in the comments.

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  1. Kona coffee is an excellent suggestion! And I do love the necklace and what it represents. This year, I got my nieces and nephews all sand toys since they’ll be here for the wedding. I got my parents tickets to a musical (last year I got them tickets to see Bill Cosby, which may have been their favorite gift ever from me) and I had a running shirt made for Raj that says Go Big or Go Home on it since that’s both his life philosophy and (thus) his nickname from me. And that’s it for my gift buying this year. Pretty simple Christmas.

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