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Physical Therapy Exercises for Running

I need to live up to my “Never a Flaw” shirt from RDQLUS Creative.

Welcome to Week 2 of Not Running a Single Step.

It’s actually intentional. No, really.

As the season drew to a close, I realized that I had fallen into the trap where I was doing very little aside from running, and I was starting to feel it. My core isn’t as strong, my “weak ass” isn’t as strong, and my upper body? Geez, what’s with my shapeless arms? When did that happen?

I decided that the best way to tackle things was to go back to the beginning.

I’ve spent my week at the gym, working on the basics. I’ve spent lots of quality time with the TRX, the Bosu and resistance straps, and I know that I need this because these seemingly innocuous exercises have left me surprisingly sore.

I feel like a little bit of a slacker. I feel like I should be logging miles and actually getting somewhere. But then I realize that if I don’t fix the fundamentals, then I’m never going to be in good form for running or anything else.

So I’m back to basics, at least for the next month, while I rebuild some strength and get back into the kind of condition that I want to be in.

Do you find that you neglect the rest of your body when you’re in running mode?

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  1. That’s been a real downside of this training plan for me. There’s no cross-training at all. Five runs, two rest days per week. I had to make the decision to sub yoga for the Sunday run because I could tell I was losing core strength since whenever I got tired while running, my form would go to hell and I’d end up hunched over. I know I’ve lost upper body strength as well and really needed the stretching. After this half, I’m going to really focus on building strength, which should help my SI joint cooperate so I can then focus on building speed.

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