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Having Fun at the Race

Even in a crowd this large, you can still find the fun people.

When John “The Penguin” Bingham speaks to us at the annual Team in Training Inspiration Dinner, he always makes the same point: the people at the front of the race are taking things really seriously. If you’re running and you’re not having enough fun, run slower. You can guarantee that they’re having more fun behind you.

Case in point: Nike Women’s Marathon. A woman had been hugging friends and family on the sidelines, and then merged back into the crowd. Suddenly, she turned around and tried to get the attention of her cheering section.

“Marco!” she shouted to the man in the black jacket.

“Polo!” I shouted back. Everyone around me cracked up as we heard, “Polo! Polo!” rippling through the crowd.

The woman looked confused. “We’ve got a meme!” shouted a voice from behind me.

Seriously, The Penguin is right: we are more fun at the back of the pack.

So for your next race, you might as well have a little bit of fun. Shout “Marco!” and see if anyone plays along.

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