Change: Wearing Compression Calf Sleeves

Wearing Compression for Post-Run Recovery

Post-run recovery, you can wear the sleeves with your favorite flip-flops.

I’m sure that you’ve seen them: elite runners (or maybe just your local huffers and puffers) wearing what look like fancy knee-high socks either during or after their run. The concept of compression derives from those lovely socks that are designed to keep circulation flowing and prevent blood clots — think deep vein thrombosisafter surgery. But it seems like a natural extension of the concept to think that a similar design would increase circulation in the legs of runners, and thereby help broken-down muscles recover faster.

I have to admit: I’ve always been pretty ambivalent about post-run compression therapy. It’s not that I don’t like the feel of a nice, snug sock massaging my calf after a long run, it’s just that wrestling my sweaty foot into the aforementioned sock was more effort than the run itself.

And then I went to Kingston for my retreat. There, among other goodies (I’ll get to reviews of all of them eventually), I got a pair of RecoFIT Sports calf compression sleeves.

Is it safe to admit that I never knew that there was a footless sleeve option available?

Feeling ok in my new sleeves and new Skechers GOrun shoes after our San Francisco run.

The sleeves are lightweight but supportive, and the best part (for me) is the fact that they’re footless. I can slide them on after a workout without struggling with the sweaty foot issue. Even better, if you’re the kind of person who likes to run with calf compression, you can wear these sleeves and still have the flexibility to wear your favorite socks. It’s the perfect mix and match solution.

So, how do they feel? Well, on the Saturday night after the retreat, having done stand up paddleboarding, trail running and yoga, my calves were knotted and rock hard. When I went back to my room, I slipped on my sleeves to wear while we watched the Olympics.

And I forgot that I had them on.

When I woke up the next morning, I was fairly certain that the seam pattern was going to be permanently etched into my legs. But my calves? They felt good. Perfectly fine, actually.

Guess what’s my new go-to solution for calf compression?

* Yes, I was given the calf sleeves as free swag for my participation in the retreat. No, I was not asked to review them on my blog, nor did I receive any additional compensation to do so.

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