Training: Battling the Alarm

Lest you think I did nothing this week, I did a fabulous job of helping the boy polish off this Nutella strawberry waffle at the food festival.

The day: Sunday morning, around 7:00 AM.

The scene: Bed.

Me: “I was going to get up early to run, but after the boy woke me the second time, I turned off my alarm.”

The Husband: “Didn’t you get up early yesterday for something exercisey?”

Me: “Umm, yeah.”

The Husband: “Why would you give up sleep to get out of the house early two days in a row?”

Me: “Hi, I’m your wife. We’ve met before, right? Have you not noticed this behavior before?”

The Husband: “I still don’t get it.”

In the past few weeks, nothing has gone according to my training plan. Not even close. So when I miss my workout, for one reason or another, the guilt level has been a little bit high. But in the middle of the night when I shut off my alarm without even the slightest protest from my guilt-addled brain, it was abundantly clear that what I needed more than anything was some extra sleep, even if it only amounted to an extra hour. My body and brain just needed that time, and I shouldn’t go arguing with that.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done anything this week. There was circuit training, Pilates and a really good power walk with a friend. No, that wasn’t exactly the plan, and yes, I did miss a few workouts because of a sick Tiny Kitchen Assistant, but I can’t actually see any practical way that I could have done things differently.

Tomorrow’s entry on the training calendar suggests that I should be running 3-4 miles. It’s a school holiday, so I have two choices: get up early and run before sunrise (son rise?) or work something active into our day’s plan. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that I could merge some hill repeats into a hike up the ridge. Is it the same as a 5k run at race pace? No, but it might be the most practical way to integrate life and a workout.

How have you spent your holiday weekend?

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