Training: The First Run of the Season

The Team gathering at Berkeley marina.*

Yesterday was the first Team in Training run of the summer season. I can remember getting to the first long run of last year, not knowing anyone and certainly not knowing what to expect. I remember that when they divided the runners and the runwalkers, I stuck with the latter group because I couldn’t even run a mile nonstop.

This year, I rolled in like an old pro, seeing familiar faces and getting my “alumni” TNT shirt issued to me. I’m an old-timer now, one of the people that others could approach with questions. It’s strange.

What’s even stranger is that in my mind, this was just a continuation of last year. While the common sense part of my brain knew that this was the first run, and would therefore be a fairly short run (3 miles), I was almost dumbfounded by how quickly I reached the 1.5 mile turnaround mark, a mark that I reached without walking.

The path of the first run, a short 3 miles.

My time wasn’t stellar, but it was adequate, particularly considering how disrupted my training schedule has been in recent weeks. And I can’t complain about anything when I realize that I ran it.

I’ve come a long way in the last year. Maybe I can actually harbor a little bit of hope that I’ll be able to build on this base and do something totally crazy, like learn how to run faster. Hey, stranger things have happened, right?

As a reminder, I am doing this as a fundraiser, and your financial support is always appreciated. Just $10 from each of my followers would go a long way.

* Scenic view, left to right: the city of San Francisco; the Golden Gate Bridge looking not-so-golden; Angel Island, site of the 12k trail run. Not pictured: the large raindrops that fell shortly after this photo was taken.

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