Try Something New: Sugar Snap Peas with Mint

Sometimes, I’m really on top of things with this blog. Other times, the meal is over and I realize that I’ve forgotten to take pictures of the very thing I’m blogging about. Guess which was the case for today’s post?

I found this excellent recipe for minty sugar snap peas over on Salt & Fat, a blog that you should be following if you love food.

The peas are really everything that’s awesome about spring: fresh, crisp and green, accented with a touch of citrus and the kick of mint. Could you ask for anything more this time of year?


For a kid who loves to eat mint candy, you’d think that the Tiny Kitchen Assistant would be more excited about this recipe. You would be wrong. He did, however, have a fantastic time zesting the lemon, and didn’t even lose any chunks of skin on the microplane zester, probably because he zests at a snail’s pace. He’s a natural, though.

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