Training: After the Race

My pace dropped dramatically on the steep uphill.

Just when you think you’re hitting your stride, life decides to conspire against you.

The Plan

  • Monday: Gym
  • Tuesday: Kickboxing
  • Wednesday: Pilates
  • Thursday: Kickboxing Run?
  • Friday: Gym
  • Saturday: Big, giant, hilly hike
  • Sunday: Does the mad-dash through the airport count?

Last week, all was well. I ran my first post-injury 5K in what was, for me, a blisteringly fast pace (oh, come on, humor me). That race was going to be the start of my triumphant return to running. I dragged out my Team in Training schedule from last year, and I was going to start building my endurance before the new Team season starts in May.

What I neglected to mention in last week’s post is that my husband sent me to the race in spite of the fact that the Tiny Kitchen Assistant had a raging fever. This is a kid who never gets sick, so certainly this… whatever it was… it would blow over quickly, right?

By the time Tuesday morning rolled around, I found myself playing the role of reassuring Mom as he got the chest x-rays that would diagnose his pneumonia. He recovered quickly thanks to the miracle of antibiotics, but since this is my training post, I’ll talk about how his unexpected illness affected my training. Ready?

Training? What training?

I brought him along with me to my Pilates session on Wednesday, but aside from that and a very brief, whiny attempt at a run on Thursday, I did nothing all week long. Those sleepless nights absolutely drained me, so by the time I had the flexibility to do something — anything — I had no energy to do it.

The path of the Lafayette Reservoir upper rim trail.

Knowing that I’d be heading out of town on Sunday, it became all the more imperative that I make Saturday’s workout count. I got in touch with my friend and we made plans to once again do the insanely hilly 5-mile upper loop trail at Lafayette Reservoir that I blogged about in February. The hill was no more forgiving than last time. In fact, at one point on the Giant Hill, I stopped, hands on my knees, and gasped for air with such intensity that I’m surprised that I didn’t change the weather patterns in the bay area.┬áBut we did the complete loop, and four minutes faster than last time!

On a funny note, there are two trails at the reservoir: the lower, paved path and the high, hilly fire trail that we took. As I was heading up the hill, I looked down on a group of Team in Training runners on the paved path — one coach and at least three runners from my Nike Marathon training last summer. It reminded me that it won’t be long before my own training season starts.

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