Try Something New: The Freezer

Is that marinara or cacciatore? Or chili? Why don't I label things?

No, this week’s entry isn’t a new food. It’s a new approach to food.

What’s in your freezer? No, seriously: what’s in your freezer?

My freezer is always absurdly full, and yet I can tell you honestly that I haven’t the faintest idea as to what’s actually in there. I decided to dig in, see what I had on hand, and discard anything that I couldn’t identify.

I found a package of two English muffins. I can’t even remember the last time I bought English muffins, but I can guarantee that it was long before I broke my foot in September. There was the mystery package labeled “pork.” Upon opening that container, I discovered that it was actually a rare subspecies of pork: iced pork. Yes, there was much more ice than pork in that container. Out it went.

By the time I was finished, the freezer contained little more than half a loaf of bread, a couple of microwaveable meals, an emergency frozen pizza, and the remainder of my last batch of bolognese sauce. Gone were the unlabeled and unidentifiable packages. Gone were the zipper lock bags of frozen fruit that no longer resembled their original form (was that a cherry or blackberry encased in ice?), the frozen veggies that I’m pretty sure were last used as an ice pack for my foot. Out they went.

So what do I do now? The habit, of course, is to just restock it with the same nonsense as before, resulting in another purge like this one. But this time, I’m going to try to restock with intent. My plan is to fill it with Things I Routinely Use. I’m thinking about chicken and beef stock, separated into portions. Bacon, divided into single-slice packs. Parmesan rinds, waiting patiently for the next batch of soup. Meats can go in there, but only if I intend to use them within a two-week period.

I’m going to gradually repopulate the freezer and report about what makes the cut and what doesn’t. Hopefully it will result in a system that gives me access to better ingredients to make better food.

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