Training: Easy, it’s Not

Realizing that fashion shoes are more comfortable kind of justifies my order for these boots that the boy picked out on Friday night.

A week’s worth of workouts appear to have been undone by a weekend of chasing a 4-year-old through museums. I’m achy and not terribly happy about it.

The Plan

  • Monday: Swim
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes elliptical, 15 weights, 15 stretching
  • Wednesday: Walking, stretching
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: 20 minutes TRX
  • Saturday: Museum walking
  • Sunday: Museum walking

I think it’s been close to 20 years since I’ve done a lap swim. As you might imagine, I’m not fast. I had to share a lane with a guy who moved like Michael Phelps while I struggled to move faster than the elderly woman who was walking in the next lane. It was a little bit demoralizing, and hurt more than I had expected. The resistance of the water against my stiff ankle muscles was enough to make me wonder what I was doing. I got out of the pool and proceeded to do my ankle exercises in the hot tub, and much to my surprise I was feeling much better afterward.

What ankle exercises? Flex and point; left and right twist; and rotating the ankle clockwise and counterclockwise. It sounds too simple, but it helps.

I felt like I was making real progress this week, but Saturday’s excursion to The Tech Museum was more than I was really ready for: a 3-block walk to and from the parking garage, the tour through Body Worlds and the activity in the museum itself made me really sore. Today’s excursion to The California Academy of Sciences only doubled the soreness. I’ve come to believe that my foot is more comfortable in an ankle brace and boots than it is in the sneakers I wore to the museums; the angle of “fashion” shoes with a slight heel seems to make both my ankle and foot much happier than wearing proper, supportive shoes.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting over again, likely doing nothing but weights and stretching at the gym to give my foot a rest.

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